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Welcome to Ardnashee School and College



Dear Parents

We have come to the end of a very eventful school year and it was great to finish the year with celebrations of the proud histories and service of Belmont and Foyle View.  Unfortunately, we are unable to inform all parents of what staff will be teaching your children next year, but we hope to send letters to parents next week confirming classes and staff for those who do not yet know.

We have been having ongoing negotiations with WELB and the Boards of Governors of both schools around a range of issues.  I can confirm that additional staff are being employed and that class sizes have been reduced.  The school leaving age has been extended and a new course is now being offered at Yr 14,  and we are already taking referrals from pupils in mainstream schools who wish to transfer to Ardnashee.  WELB have also funded two Nurture Units in primary and post-primary for pupils who will benefit from this service.  Little Oaks and Woodlands Language Unit will also remain under the governance of Ardnashee in the new school year.  The uniforms are scheduled to arrive in late August and all exterior signage should be replaced for the new school year. Transport has been formalised and the new school year should start like any other.

I want to thank you for your support and patience in this time of transition and I look forward to welcoming your children to Ardnashee School & College in September.

Best Wishes



Dr Michael Dobbins





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